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We are amongst the most renowned outsourcing companies for hiring management recruits for the casino industry.

A highly profitable mega-industry, casinos are the biggest game players in the hospitality and recreational markets. We understand that for business so large, you need top-quality employees that guarantee further progress. 

Casino managers should be individuals that are well-versed in the dynamics of the entertainment industry. They need to be quick thinkers and excellent rhetoricians. We are bringing to you managers that have faced situations of all natures and are hardened by experience. Experts in understanding and seeing through people, your manager should be a person of many talents. A casino manager is in charge of many challenging duties that vary between monitoring gaming operations, overseeing gambling sessions, hiring and firing employees, resolving guest discrepancies, and making sure that gaming machines and tables are maintained at top quality. 

Casino managers need to be individuals that know how to work effectively with staff and members. Experience is a necessary prerequisite for the position of a casino manager for our hiring professionals because, without experience, quality of work cannot be guaranteed. Guaranteeing experience and assuring quality, with Patrice & Associates, you can ease back and trust that only the top cream of casino managers will be handling the gaming operations for your business. We are amongst the top casino manager recruiters because of our high-levels of the deliverance of quality. 

As the manager of house rules, your casino manager needs to be the jack of all trades!

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What Clients Say About Patrice & Associates

  • David Israel was a pleasure to work with and was instrumental in helping me find an excellent career opportunity .

    David was extremely professional and took the time to really listen to where I was in my career and what I was looking for. As a result of the work he did to connect me with the right opportunity, I was able to obtain a great starting salary and great benefits as well. I would highly recommend David’s services to both job seekers and employers. Josh Axmacher David Israel was a pleasure to work with!
  • Tim was nothing but helpful from the start!

    I was originally contacted by Tim as a reference for someone who used to work for me. He must have recognized that I myself was a good fit, because within a few minutes the conversation turned to me applying for the job.  He was always pushing for me. He was there to help with everything, every step of the way, and was in constant communication. He played a massive role in me landing an amazing job with an even better company. I can't stress enough how awesome this guy was. Tim will coach you through the entire process and be your biggest advocate. He has a lifetime of experience and knows exactly what companies are looking for. A+, 10/10, two thumbs up, 5-stars. Thanks for everything Tim! Brock Kinley Tim was nothing but helpful from the start
  • Tim was very patient and thorough when going through the process of trying to find employment for me and my skills. I appreciate the time and effort he put in for me and I would recommend Tim Walker & Patrice and Associates to anyone looking for great opportunities. Carolyn Floyd Tim was very patient & thorough!
  • Chris was amazing through the entire application and interview processes, 10 out of 10.

    He took his time to get to know me and really ensure that I was what he was looking for. He ensured that I had information about the hiring company to ensure it was something I felt I wanted to pursue. Chris also gave me some helpful tips and tricks in his emails about the interview process, you could tell that he was doing everything on his end to help you, it all just came down to how well you executed on your end. I would certainly recommend anyone looking for opportunities to reach out to Chris, the first possibility didn’t work out that we were attempting but he came back and nailed it with the second opportunity.
    Cody Smith
    Chris was amazing through the entire application and interview processes, 10 out of 10.
  • It was an amazing opportunity to work with David Hotovyy!

    David set me up with a great opportunity in my field as a restaurant General Manager. He really takes the time to get to know who you are and what you're about, what's important to you in your career and home life.   I would definitely recommend working with David,  and have actually passed on his contract info to several others already!
    Thank you David Hotovy & Patrice and Associates for helping me find something that is just right for me!
    Rebecca Jackson
    It was an amazing opportunity to work with David Hotovy!