Meet Our Team

Jase and Melissa Doane

Jase and Melissa met at work 17+ years ago in CT and have been partners in life ever since. Their life journey has led them back to where they started…back in CT and working together again in a Patrice & Associates business partnership.

Jase graduated from the University of Connecticut with a Marketing degree and has spent the majority of his career in Marketing, Sales Management and General Management roles for manufacturing companies in the specialty chemicals industry.

Jase’s senior management experience includes full organizational and P&L responsibility for businesses ranging from $40 million to $140 million with employee counts ranging from 100 to 250.

Jase has a passion for employee development. He believes high performing employees are the key to business success and employees excel when they are the right person in the right role at the right time. Jase has extensive experience in leadership development and mentoring of managers and employees to unlock the potential in workplace human capital and believes a winning attitude trumps winning aptitude 90% of the time.

Melissa graduated from Merrimack College with a degree in English and spent the early part of her career in various Marketing, Communications and Product Management roles for companies that made products from automotive adhesives to price tag fasteners. Melissa’s people skills and communications expertise will ensure that Patrice and Associates of Hartford are providing the best candidates for any given hiring opportunity.

Jase and Melissa have relocated three (3) times in their career with semi-permanent stops north of Boston and north of Philadelphia with 18 months north of London (Bedford, UK) sandwiched in between. They miss their good friends and the comradery of the “local pub” in England but don’t miss driving on the wrong side of the road and all the roundabouts.

Jase and Melissa are excited to utilize their broad and global leadership experience to match the right hospitality candidates with the right hospitality job opportunities here in the Hartford area.

Our Approach

As the preeminent hospitality recruiting service in North America since 1989, Patrice & Associates helps thousands of managerial candidates every year find rewarding jobs in the restaurant and hospitality industry. The company has exclusive recruiting partnerships with some of the nation’s largest restaurant chains and hotels. At Patrice & Associates, our core values are Respect, Service, Excellence and Teamwork and that permeates everything we do. We take great care by providing the best possible service to both our candidates and our client companies.
For Our Clients:
Recruiting for the right talent can be a very complex and frustrating process and a bad hire is one of the most costly mistakes any business can make. There are no shortcuts to a productive hire that pays long-term organizational dividends. We’ll simplify your process and remove any frustration. We will take the time to understand your organization, culture and core values. We will gain clarity on your job description and thoroughly understand your specific needs. We’ll remain disciplined and focused on finding the best talent and right long-term fit for your organization. Many times the best candidates for any given opportunity aren’t easily visible or knowingly available…but we’ll find them!

For Our Candidates:
Our Team will be your advocate and mentor throughout the entire search, selection and interview process. We will listen. We will ask the right questions and understand what career options are important to you and your family. We will find the best possible fit between Candidate and Client. We will review your resume and offer assistance as required. We will coach you through the interview process and any salary negotiations. We will ensure honesty, integrity and strict confidentiality at every point in our relationship.

What Clients Say About Patrice & Associates

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    David Israel was a pleasure to work with and was instrumental in helping me find an excellent career opportunity .

    David was extremely professional and took the time to really listen to where I was in my career and what I was looking for. As a result of the work he did to connect me with the right opportunity, I was able to obtain a great starting salary and great benefits as well. I would highly recommend David’s services to both job seekers and employers. Josh Axmacher David Israel was a pleasure to work with!
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    Tim was nothing but helpful from the start!

    I was originally contacted by Tim as a reference for someone who used to work for me. He must have recognized that I myself was a good fit, because within a few minutes the conversation turned to me applying for the job.  He was always pushing for me. He was there to help with everything, every step of the way, and was in constant communication. He played a massive role in me landing an amazing job with an even better company. I can't stress enough how awesome this guy was. Tim will coach you through the entire process and be your biggest advocate. He has a lifetime of experience and knows exactly what companies are looking for. A+, 10/10, two thumbs up, 5-stars. Thanks for everything Tim! Brock Kinley Tim was nothing but helpful from the start
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    Tim was very patient and thorough when going through the process of trying to find employment for me and my skills. I appreciate the time and effort he put in for me and I would recommend Tim Walker & Patrice and Associates to anyone looking for great opportunities. Carolyn Floyd Tim was very patient & thorough!
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    Chris was amazing through the entire application and interview processes, 10 out of 10.

    He took his time to get to know me and really ensure that I was what he was looking for. He ensured that I had information about the hiring company to ensure it was something I felt I wanted to pursue. Chris also gave me some helpful tips and tricks in his emails about the interview process, you could tell that he was doing everything on his end to help you, it all just came down to how well you executed on your end. I would certainly recommend anyone looking for opportunities to reach out to Chris, the first possibility didn’t work out that we were attempting but he came back and nailed it with the second opportunity.
    Cody Smith
    Chris was amazing through the entire application and interview processes, 10 out of 10.
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    It was an amazing opportunity to work with David Hotovyy!

    David set me up with a great opportunity in my field as a restaurant General Manager. He really takes the time to get to know who you are and what you're about, what's important to you in your career and home life.   I would definitely recommend working with David,  and have actually passed on his contract info to several others already!
    Thank you David Hotovy & Patrice and Associates for helping me find something that is just right for me!
    Rebecca Jackson
    It was an amazing opportunity to work with David Hotovy!