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Front of House / Scratch Kitchen Restaurant Manager – O108

Position Name(O108) Front of House Restaurant Manager
LocationHarrisonburg, VA
Salary Range$42000 - $52000
Client OverviewOur Client is a locally-owned restaurant in Harrisonburg, Virginia. They've been passionate about being a place where the community can gather for homemade eats and cold drinks for more than 15 years.  Proudly serving fresh (never frozen) meals with local ingredients. Most people in town know them for their famous Cookie Skillet, but they serve up a lot more than dessert!  They smoke BBQ in house, age and hand cut steaks, grill burgers bursting with flavor (especially the 'Burg's Original 50/50 Bacon Burger), and toss their famous chicken Thumbs & Toes in homemade sauces. Don't eat meat? You're covered with gluten-free salads and more! And if you belly up to the bar, you'll see 26 beers on tap, wines and cocktails – many of them local.

Why people LOVE working for this company!

  • Well-established locally owned and operated Casual-Dining Restaurant
  • FRESH, FROM-SCRATCH food – hand cut steaks, house-made almost everything, etc
  • Fun, FAMILY-LIKE environment – everyone likes each other and enjoys what they do !
  • Opportunity to learn and grow both personally and professionally
  • Fair, flexible work schedule that allows for work-life balance
  • Performance-based BONUS !!

Position Overview & Responsibilities

The Manager position is primarily made up of three core responsibilities
  1. People
  2. Sales
  3. Profits
  • Recruits, trains and develops the best Front-of-House (FOH) Team Members
  • Ensures Team Members are treated with dignity and respect
  • Sets clear performance expectations through directions and goals; actively listens to Team Members to determine and concerns and quickly responds
  • Provides clear feedback through effective praise, coaching and counseling
  • Resolves Team Member conflicts constructively and professionally
  • Acknowledges and celebrates team and individual successes
  • Works with Team Leads and Certified Trainers to ensure standards are followed
  • Consistently follows Company hiring procedures and practices
  • Ensures current training materials and programs are consistently utilized in Team Member Training
  • Follows Progressive Discipline Guidelines to ensure that all Team Members are disciplined consistently
  • Conducts timely Performance Appraisal s and fairly administers salary changes
  • Posts FOH schedules on time and fairly handles schedule requests that balance the Team Member and Company's needs
  • Analyzes current and future staffing needs for appropriate planning
  • Scrupulously follows all labor laws and manages for equal opportunity
  • Establish excellent guest service and satisfaction as a priority through personal example and follow-through
  • Always looks for opportunities to create a CHARGE (Creating Hospitality A Remarkable Guest Experience) experience for the guests
  • Personally visits with guests
  • Maintains high visibility in the dining room
  • Handles guest complaints with a sense of urgency, poise and good judgment
  • Ensures the proper steps are followed in the sequence of service
  • Adheres to Company standard of 4-table stations
  • Ensures that all food is prepared according to recipe and served at the proper temperature and presentation
  • Orders effectively to ensure the proper amount of quality product is available. Reduces unnecessary costs by not buying product that is not contracted
  • Maintains Company and Health Department standards at all times
  • Conducts quality line checks at regularly scheduled intervals
  • Organizes, trains and manages to ensure that proper food handling and cleaning procedures are utilized
  • Maintains 100% compliance with alcohol awareness
  • Adheres to all Standards of Operational Excellence on a daily basis which includes: line checks, ticket times, labor tracking, grind sheet, etc.
  • Maintains appropriate FOH staffing levels for each shift
  • Is actively involved in the community
  • Seeks out opportunities to build the business and responds accordingly
  • Supports and effectively implements company marketing plans
  • Knows company goals for same store sales growth and PACE
  • Proactively manages and monitors costs (food, labor, beverage, PACE, etc.) within budget while quality and service standards are maintained
  • Demonstrates a working understanding of labor cost control through effective scheduling and proactive management
  • Follows inventory procedures and utilizes AIC Inventory Control to consistently conduct and report an accurate inventory
  • Effectively identifies financial trends and operational problems by utilizing the P&L and other reports
  • Utilizes the back-office computer system (Aloha) efficiently and effectively
  • Controls financial assets and maintains records
  • Opening and closing administrative duties are executed consistently and accurately
  • Processes invoices in a timely manner
  • Meticulously follows cash handling policies and procedures
Other Professionalism and Style Expectations The following is expected to every Team Member and Manager
  • Projects and assignments completed thoroughly, professionally and with care in a timely manner
  • Adjusts to high pressure situations and is open to change
  • Assumes responsibility for personal growth and development
  • Conducts themselves (acts & dresses) professionally at all times while setting the standard for all Team Members
  • Understands and communicates the Company Mission Statement and Core Values
  • Expresses ideas and conveys information clearly effectively and professionally
  • Works to resolve disagreements ; is respectful of peers and co-workers


  • Standard, BASIC benefits

Position Requirements

Special Skills and knowledge necessary for this position
  • Strong restaurant operations background
  • Strong Training background
  • Strong communication skills verbal and written
  • Strong proof-reading skills
  • Strong interpersonal skills. Able to communicate with individuals at all levels of the corporation
  • Organizational skills - Ability to be organized in a changing environment
  • Ability to maintain a calm professional demeanor during periods of uncertainty or crisis
Essential Physical Requirements Daily physical requirements and/or number of pounds that may need to be lifted on the job
  • Stands during the entire shift
  • Reaches, bends,  squats, stoops, shakes, pours, carries, pushes and lifts
  • Lifts and carries tubs, trays and cases weighing up to 100 pounds up to 20 times per shift
  • Frequent exposure to smoke, steam, high temperatures, humidity and extreme cold
EOE - Equal Opportunity Employer

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What Clients Say About Patrice & Associates

  • Delanie is definitely someone who can open doors to growth and future. Her commitment and passion speaks louder than words. She made sure there was constant communication and that I always was ready, well prepared and taken care of also. Not only did I enjoy working with her, but she has also created a new world of opportunities. Her work ethics, commitment, connections and knowledge takes a person to another level of betterment and understanding success. Delanie is DEFINITELY someone to keep, respect and appreciate because she makes sure to give you the same in return. She is a guardian Angel!
    Thank you. Respectfully, Anita M
    Delanie is a guardian Angel! 
  • Delanie was fantastic. Everything was smooth and she is fun, she is available and she has great energy. Giorgio Riccobono Delanie was fantastic.
  • Delanie was very professional and understanding during the whole process. She was always available when needed, also walk me through all steps to make sure I was ready for interviews and calls. Giovani Varela Delanie was very professional and understanding during the whole process. 
  • Clint reached out to me at my work one day and he was so passionate,so professional and very helpful. He helped me put together a very solid strong resume based on my experience and my likes. I’m very happy he reached out, very happy to work with him and now I will soon be part of a great company that I see my future been amazing in this industry. Thanks again Clint I will always be happy I chose this company. You made everything much better and much easier for me. Jessy Benitez Thanks again Clint
  • I received a call from Clint, after he introduced himself he told me about a job he thought I would be perfect for. A franchise of the company I had previously worked for. What he was about to find out was I interviewed with them and tanked it. Yes, I tanked an interview with a company I spent 9 years working for. You have to understand I've only had 2 jobs in 20 years so and I was nervous and wasn’t sure what to expect, I also thought my work experience with the company would be doing some of the talking for me. Clint said he would be in touch if anything came up. I thought that was the end of it. A few days later he called and helped me rewrite my resume to get the best of what I did that I didn’t think was that important onto paper. He called with another opportunity and set up the interview. Clint didn’t just set up an interview, he called the day before and spent an hour of his time prepping me for it. We went over the list of questions he sent that he thought would be asked and questions I should ask. I was more relaxed and the interview went well. I got a call 3 days later after they finished up the rest of the interviews and was offered the job. I called Clint and told him the good news, and that he wouldn’t have to deal with me anymore. Instead I was told he would be there throughout my training and the transition into the position. It’s awesome to know that someone is there to talk to if needed.  I truly believe I got the job because of Clint. I know I did on my merits but Clint was a huge help. Who would have thought one and done. I would recommend Clint Carpenter and Patrice and Associates to anyone.   Bethanne Volz
    I would recommend Clint Carpenter and Patrice and Associates to anyone.