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District Manager – P120

Position Name(P120) District Manager
LocationMadison, WI
Salary Range$50000 - $60000
Client OverviewIt all starts with the fresh-pressed tortilla. This is the primary differentiator, and it sets our  Client's product and brand apart from the competition. Guests watch in awe as their burrito goes from a tiny ball of dough to a delicious work of burrito art... in under two minutes!

Why people LOVE working for this company!

  • Extraordinary career growth
  • No Fryers or Freezers
  • Tortilla’s hand made to order for freshness
  • Growing company with promotion from within
  • Good Benefits with perks

Position Overview & Responsibilities

• Ensure 100% guest satisfaction in areas of Quality, Service & Cleanliness. If we fall short on delivering our promise, respond to guest and take any and all actions needed to ensure that the dissatisfied guest becomes a regular guest. • Develop a team members of leaders by providing ongoing feedback and training. Conduct performance reviews to establish, evaluate performance goals and grow leaders for the company. • Create a work environment that is known in the community to be “the place to work” and "employer of choice" • Maintains a harmonious working environment that will maximize team member morale, tenure, productivity and efficiency/effectiveness. • Enforce sanitary practices for food handling, general cleanliness and maintenance of exterior, kitchen and dining areas. • We grow our company through growing sales at the store level and controlling what we can control. Satisfied guests are return guest. • Utilize the monthly P&L to analyze areas for profitability improvement. Make an effective plan & implement to increase profitability. Teach our leaders how to avoid shortfalls in the future.


  • Bonus program per restaurant
  • Company car, cell phone and other benefits
  • Medical & Dental Insurance + 401k
  • Career Advancement with Growing Company with Proven Leadership

Position Requirements

• College degree preferred but not required. Previous multi-unit restaurant experience is a must. • Self-discipline, strong initiative, leadership ability and outgoing personality. • Pleasant, polite manner with a neat, clean appearance. • An effective motivator. • Must be able to handle the pressures of simultaneously coordinating a wide range of activities and team members to ensure 100% guest satisfaction. • Must possess good communication skills. • Ability to effectively multi-task. • Ability to effectively supervise 15-25 team members to achieve desired goals. • Needs to have a valid unrestricted drivers license and submit to a background check. EOE – Equal opportunity employer

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What Clients Say About Patrice & Associates

  • Delanie is definitely someone who can open doors to growth and future. Her commitment and passion speaks louder than words. She made sure there was constant communication and that I always was ready, well prepared and taken care of also. Not only did I enjoy working with her, but she has also created a new world of opportunities. Her work ethics, commitment, connections and knowledge takes a person to another level of betterment and understanding success. Delanie is DEFINITELY someone to keep, respect and appreciate because she makes sure to give you the same in return. She is a guardian Angel!
    Thank you. Respectfully, Anita M
    Delanie is a guardian Angel! 
  • Delanie was fantastic. Everything was smooth and she is fun, she is available and she has great energy. Giorgio Riccobono Delanie was fantastic.
  • Delanie was very professional and understanding during the whole process. She was always available when needed, also walk me through all steps to make sure I was ready for interviews and calls. Giovani Varela Delanie was very professional and understanding during the whole process. 
  • Clint reached out to me at my work one day and he was so passionate,so professional and very helpful. He helped me put together a very solid strong resume based on my experience and my likes. I’m very happy he reached out, very happy to work with him and now I will soon be part of a great company that I see my future been amazing in this industry. Thanks again Clint I will always be happy I chose this company. You made everything much better and much easier for me. Jessy Benitez Thanks again Clint
  • I received a call from Clint, after he introduced himself he told me about a job he thought I would be perfect for. A franchise of the company I had previously worked for. What he was about to find out was I interviewed with them and tanked it. Yes, I tanked an interview with a company I spent 9 years working for. You have to understand I've only had 2 jobs in 20 years so and I was nervous and wasn’t sure what to expect, I also thought my work experience with the company would be doing some of the talking for me. Clint said he would be in touch if anything came up. I thought that was the end of it. A few days later he called and helped me rewrite my resume to get the best of what I did that I didn’t think was that important onto paper. He called with another opportunity and set up the interview. Clint didn’t just set up an interview, he called the day before and spent an hour of his time prepping me for it. We went over the list of questions he sent that he thought would be asked and questions I should ask. I was more relaxed and the interview went well. I got a call 3 days later after they finished up the rest of the interviews and was offered the job. I called Clint and told him the good news, and that he wouldn’t have to deal with me anymore. Instead I was told he would be there throughout my training and the transition into the position. It’s awesome to know that someone is there to talk to if needed.  I truly believe I got the job because of Clint. I know I did on my merits but Clint was a huge help. Who would have thought one and done. I would recommend Clint Carpenter and Patrice and Associates to anyone.   Bethanne Volz
    I would recommend Clint Carpenter and Patrice and Associates to anyone.