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My life to this point has focused heavily on service. For 21 years I served my country as a U.S. Marine. I actually was assigned to Headquarters Marine Corps in the old Navy Annex building in Arlington, VA as an MOS Monitor. This assignment required filling the required positions at about 350 posts and stations. Many of these positions had strict requirements. The pool of Marines I had to work with was typically about 3500 from the top enlisted ranks all the way down to privates. We constantly had to rob peter to pay Paul as our ranks were reduced significantly Corps wide during that time. Thankfully I was promoted after 20 months and moved on as this was by far the most mentally challenging assignment I ever held in the USMC.

Once I retired from the Marine Corps I also served as a police officer for a period of time interrupted twice by voluntary overseas contracts. The first was a contract as a Shift Supervisor for a U.S. security company in Iraq. The second as a contractor for over two years in Afghanistan where I assisted in the training of Afghan National Police recruits. I also mentored and advised senior Afghan National Police officials..

When this opportunity was initially presented to me it seemed like the best of both worlds. The ability to enjoy a better quality of life but still be in a position to help people improve not only their financial situation but their family’s as well. Coaching and advise candidates and helping them achieve their goals.

I look forward to becoming proficient in this new endeavor and helping as many folks as possible all while enjoying life and making a good living!

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    Bob's Hospitality Recruitment Skills Found a Job for Ken

    Thank you for the wishes. Bob's professionalism and communication was refreshing. We connected quickly as he was very open, honest and detailed.  He selected a company he saw was a great fit for me. In this day and age most recruiters are just trying to get jobs filled or quotas made. Bob listened and was more of a partner in the whole process. Again thank you.  If ever I have a need for help again Bob will be the first one I call as well as recommend to all my colleagues. Ken Burrows Have a Hospitality Recruitment Specialist work for you for FREE Bob's Hospitality Recruitment Skills Found a Job for Ken