Meet Our Team

I am an accomplished and creative business manager. Starting out with little more than a drive for success, I created a lucrative business through my enthusiastic attention to customer satisfaction, effective merchandising and lots of hard work. For example, I invested time searching for an appealing location to launch my retail shop. I located an empty storefront and transformed it into a successful enterprise.

Although difficult, I built my business with sweat, equity and my drive to succeed. I overcame many challenges and obstacles (zoning boards, big-box competitors, difficult landlords) which taught me effective business strategies, the ability to leverage my organizational skills and how to motivate clients and colleagues alike. Key to my success was a passion to provide excellent products, superior customer service and a satisfying sales experience.

Several of my key competencies are I am a self-motivated and enthusiastic sales manager and leader with an aptitude for innovation and problem solving. Further, I have a demonstrated ability to delegate tasks effectively and to ensure successful project implementation. I maintain high standards and am conscientious about effective performance. I enjoy creating well organized and effective solutions in fast-paced, multi-tasking environments.

What Clients Say About Patrice & Associates

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    Carly was very amazing!!!

    She worked and understood my situation, potential and needs.  She knew what I was looking for, what my options were, and she never offered fake leads or over or under-qualified positions.  Carly is a great asset to your company.  She is very polite, welcoming  and a professional individual.

    I once again thank her for her efforts and time to land me an opportunity which suits my skills and needs.   Thank you. Harshesh patel. Carly was very amazing!!!
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    I am grateful for Milton's help...

    I would like to give thanks to Milton Sallee, he definitely took the time make sure that I was ready for my interview. By just coaching me form start to end, and I believe the extra training he gave me was definitely the most helpful. He represents his client well.  I am grateful for everything that he has done and I can't wait till I start with with me new career. Thanks for your help, Anthony V. Branch II I am grateful for Milton's help...
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    Stacie is one of the best recruiters that I have ever worked with!

    She is very professional, resourceful, thorough, prompt, efficient, and engaged. She is full of so much passion and drive. She had my best interest at heart throughout our three month process (we were only engaged with one concept the entire time). I began the process with a wealth of knowledge and experience, but Stacie was still able to add tons of value to my profile and preparation throughout the entire process. Stacie keeps in contact with me on a regular basis, even during my training. She played an essential role in me joining a great organization. Stacie is a great asset, and I am grateful that our paths crossed. I give her a five star rating!   Sincerely, Joshua Towbridge Stacie is one of the best recruiters that I have ever worked with!
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    Jonathan Litt was amazing!

    He was there step by step. I never felt that I was alone in this process . I received constant feedback and updates. And within a few short weeks I had offers .  Patrice and Associates were instrumental in my job transition. Thank you, Rodney Powell Jonathan Litt was amazing!
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    Caleb was a absolutely a pleasure to work with!  

    Caleb reached out to me and was very professional throughout the entire process. He presented a great opportunity and offered guidance and support as needed to ensure a positive outcome. I would recommend him to a friend or colleague.   Thank you, Chris Feltz Caleb was a absolutely a pleasure to work with!