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Training: Key to quality, employee loyalty and retention

You can’t have hospitality without customer service, and you can’t have customer service without training. “Our customers expect us to be top notch,” said Jerry Lynch, general manager of Spokane’s N. Division Street Arby’s. “For us to be able to...

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Hospitality Recruitment can help with your frustration of interviewing and hiring!

Hospitality Recruiting Specialists in Washington can help with your frustration. What I hear from clients on a daily basis: My profits have eroded. What happened? My labor cost is way up. My cost of goods is up. Most of my...

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Governor signs bill to protect hospitality employees in Washington

Washington Hospitality Association - OLYMPIA, Wash. –  On Monday, May 13, Gov. Jay Inslee signed Engrossed Substitute Senate Bill 5258, preventing the sexual harassment and sexual assault of certain isolated workers, into law. The Washington Hospitality Association supported this bill...

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King County, Washington State – switches to gender neutral toilet facilities

King County, Washington - switches to gender neutral toilet facilities Starting Dec. 1, 2019, restaurants in King County with single-use toilet facilities shall not be restricted to a specific sex or gender identity, and must use gender-neutral signage to indicate...

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What Clients Say About Patrice & Associates

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    Career Coaches that help you for FREE I really enjoyed working with David Israel, he was very friendly and professional throughout the process of my new job opportunity. David was always following up and helping me prepare for each interviews, for example, sharing specific interview questions, providing valuable points of view, and encouraging me to do research for the company I was applying for. He was fully committed in my future that I felt I was his only client. If you are looking for someone to help you go the next level in your career, I highly recommend David Israel to be the guy to help in your journey. Juan Perez Career Coaches can help you for FREE