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Consider Recruitment Cycles when Looking for a Job

When looking for a job, timing isn't everything but it's definitely something to consider. Being in the right place at the right time sometimes can get you a job but how do you know if you're timing your job search...

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2 Things Executives Should Know about Job Boards …. do they work?

Do Job Boards Work For Executives? Two Things To Know About Them It seems to be a common believe that most executive jobs are either found through networking or are "head hunted" by recruiting or search firms. Both leveraging your...

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15 Tips to Get a Job Fast

There are several options available to save you time and energy as well as better results when searching for a job.  Here are 15 tips to help you get a job faster.   Save time by using advance search options...

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What are you doing to keep your workers in this tight labor market?

Companies are getting creative when it comes to keeping their workers.  In the "old days" of recruiting everyone worked 6 days a week, 60 - 70 hours and often didn't have benefits.  I've seen the trends change to attract workers...

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5 Ways to Build a More Applicant-Friendly Recruiting Process

The job application process can be overwhelming, and job seekers won’t hesitate to abandon a complicated or frustrating process.   With unemployment low and the competition for talent fierce, employers can’t afford application processes that drive candidates away instead of welcoming...

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4 Tips For Writing A Resume That Will Get You The Interview

4 Tips For Writing A Resume That Will Get You The Interview If you’re tired of meticulously writing, editing and rewriting your resume, only to send it off and never hear about it again, you’re not alone. The reality is...

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“You Snooze You Lose” means more now than ever!

In this tight labor market companies have to move fast if they want the best talent available. The unemployment rate, combined with the ever growing restaurant industry, has employers clambering to compete for top producers.  Employers are making hiring decisions...

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Darden CEO: Restaurants face a ‘war for talent’

Patrice & Associates is the recruiting solution for many concepts facing this War for Talent. Gene Lee says company’s scale gives Olive Garden parent advantages in labor battle Sep 20, 2018 Finding, hiring, training and retaining restaurant workers are growing...

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Restaurants feel the pain of a tight labor market

Restaurants feel the pain of a tight labor market. With low unemployment rates and a continuously expanding industry, restaurants have been feeling the pressure in hiring employees and keeping locations properly staffed. Higher wages have strained labor budgets and workers...

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What Clients Say About Patrice & Associates

  • Recruitment Experts Are the Best Coaches

    Mike was phenomenal. The interview process was a little long but Mike was extremely personal and checked in with myself and the company daily to keep the communication going. He was very straight forward with what to expect and the time frame. He was constantly giving advice and even answered questions at night and on the weekend. He really helped me find a dream job and I cannot thank him enough. Thank you, Seth Strong Recruitment Experts Are the Best Coaches
  • Recruiters Find You the Best Job!

    The experience was a positive one and I am extremely grateful with the help and resources she provided. Vicki spent a lot of time mentoring and providing very useful tools for interviewing, before And after the process. She was encouraging and stayed in constant communication. Vicki really was with me every step of the way and I very much appreciated. She really is on your side.  I look forward to working with Vicki again and would recommend her services to others looking for employment in the industry. Thank you Vicki,  you are awesome! Leah Coyle General Manager Cafe Yumm! Recruiters Find You the Best Job!
  • Recruiters Source the BEST Candidates for Your Company 

    I must tell you that we posted this EA job opportunity on Indeed and another site, and had a lot of applicants.  After going through the timely process of elimination, we ended up with about 5 candidates to personally interview.  The candidates that Marty has brought us were both much, much better than what we did on our own.  I also asked both candidates how they felt about Marty as a recruiter, since we are recommending your company to all our franchisees, and they both had rave reviews about his follow up, sincerity and kindness.  Just thought you would like to know that. Alan Thomas, Just Love Coffee Recruiters Source the BEST Candidates for Your Company 
  • Hospitality Recruiters are Your Career Coach

    Frank reached out to me via Linked In messaging and right off the bat he was speaking my language.  His message was exactly what I needed to hear to consider the position he was looking to fill.  He kept me informed as the process progressed and he maintained discretion which was greatly appreciated.  I was very impressed with how everything went and felt it was a very professional process.  He even coached me prior to the interview process and let me know key points of my qualifications that would be most relevant to the position I was seeking.  Thank you for everything Frank!

      Please feel free to use the testimonial in your marketing materials.   Thank you!   Ed McIntosh Hospitality Recruiters are Your Career Coach
  • Hospitality Recruiters Help You Find a Job For FREE!

    Helena was wonderful throughout the whole process. I started my job search far sooner than necessary (3 months before moving back to Boston) and she walked me through the necessary steps to prepare for the submission of my resume. She was very responsive and helpful with answering my questions and setting up communication between myself and Cafe Nero and making sure that we stayed to an appropriate timeline. She made the whole interview process a breeze and helped build my confidence in preparation as well. It was really nice to work with someone that not only cared about placing you with a company but also cared about your transition into that company and overall satisfaction with the process and job.   Thanks, Heather Pew Hospitality Recruiters Help You Find a Job For FREE!