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The Importance of the Elevator Pitch

The Elevator Pitch: An Important Professional Tool   Making a career move can be difficult. One of the most common things job seekers struggle with is finding a way to catch the eye of potential employers. Often times, it can...

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Working with Recruiters 101

Do You Really Know How to Work with a Recruiter? We are Career Coaches who help you find a job for free!   Have you ever been frustrated when a recruiter doesn’t call you back? The following information will help...

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Testimonials – Celebrating Success

Recent Testimonials About our Talented, Hardworking Franchisees:   "Ken Welch was attentive and enthusiastic from our first conversation. I wasn't really sure when I listened to his voicemail where he was from. When returning the call I was hesitant for...

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The Importance of Workplace Culture in the Restaurant Industry

Culture within the Workplace:   Every day is a new adventure when it comes to restaurant management recruiting, and every day I speak with numerous leaders seeking new career opportunities. Through these talks, I learn about the shared passions, goals,...

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Reconsidering the Counter-Offer

The counter-offer dilemma Approaching your employer about a new job offer can sometimes lead to the company presenting a counter-offer.  Here are a few things to consider when faced with a counter-offer. What prompted your job search? Looking towards the future, will...

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Success in the Restaurant Industry

5 Tips for Restaurant Employers and Job Seekers   Employers:   Match the skill set and the culture.  If a restaurant’s culture is family oriented, they need a staff member who is personable and who can become part of a close-knit restaurant...

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New Franchisees: February 2017

Help us welcome our new Franchisees to the P&A family!   As our company grows, so does our Patrice and Associates' family.  Click on each of our new franchisees to learn even more about them!   Roberto Sempe Territory: Northern Virginia Roberto’s...

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2016: A Tough Year for the Restaurant Industry

A Tough Year for the Restaurant Industry:   Last year proved to be difficult for the restaurant industry. Nation’s Restaurant News reported yesterday that Buffalo Wild Wing’s fourth quarter net earnings plummeted 38.2%. The company’s fourth quarter ended on December...

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6 Tips to Help You Become a Networking Guru

Networking tips from Patrice Rice: Networking is a skill that makes a huge impact on your career – if you use it correctly. Conversely, bad networking practices can seriously hurt your reputation. When executed properly, networking can be a great...

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What Clients Say About Patrice & Associates

  • Hospitality Recruitment Can Work for You too!

    Emily was such a breath of fresh air. From the very first conversation we had till today, she has been so understanding, accommodating, and on top of everything. Emily originally found me, I'm not sure where, but for that I am so thankful. She knew exactly what the company was looking for and it made for a perfect fit. She referred me to the company and with in a day or two they had reached out to me. She did an amazing job keeping me updated as well staying on top of the company for communication. She gave me the best advise and provided me with all the information you can think of. Emily knows what's she's doing and is great representation for Patrice & Associates. Again, I can not thank Emily enough for the opportunity she's provided me! With out her I would not be where I am today. I am thrilled to be with this new company now and look forward to a long career with a great company! - Jasmine Lezama   Have a Hospitality Recruitment Specialist work for you for FREE Hospitality Recruitment Can Work for You too!
  • Let Hospitality Recruiters Work for You!

    I would like to thank Frank Rondeau for leading me through all the steps required to land a great job opportunity. Frank took the time to ask questions about my career goals, and personal plans, in order to create a personal resume based on my career and work experience.  This was to connect me with a great job that was a fit for myself and for my future employer. The end result was getting into the interview process.  Frank gave me appropriate advice on how to handle the interview process so that it would be successful, and it sure was. Thank you Frank and Patrice and Associates for helping me get started on this exciting next chapter of my life! - Elaine Garcia   How to work with a recruitment specialist Let Hospitality Recruiters Work for You!
  • Hospitality Recruiters Can Help You Find a Job too!

    Matt Lopez was one of the best recruiters that I have had a chance to work with. He worked for me!  Matt had all the information about the company, the restaurant and the people I would be working for.  No surprises at all! I have been at my new job for approximately 3 weeks.  I love the job and the people I work for. Matt helped me secure the salary that I was looking for as well. Thanks For Everything Matt! Joe Stewart     Career Coaches that help you for FREE Hospitality Recruiters Can Help You Find a Job too!
  • Hospitality Recruiters are There for You!

    Back at the end of March my wife and I turned our restaurant over to our daughter and son in-law to run, with the idea we would retire. We took a couple of trips and got somethings done around the house.  By the first of July I knew the retirement life was not for me. I started filling out some applications online and just a couple days later I revived a call from Karl Busch, with Patrice & Associates, he let me know he had a position open in the area. Karl knew all my back ground was in full service restaurants and he ask if this was something I would be interested in, I let him know that I love the restaurant business and doing something different in the business is just what I needed. Karl made the phone calls and got met the interview, he really went to bat for me. After a couple weeks I am now training and really enjoying the job and the people. Karl still checks on me to see how things are going. I don’t think of Karl Busch as a job recruiter but as a friend. Thank you Karl and Patrice & Associates for believing in me, Dave Grant     #1 Hospitality Management Recruitment Agency Hospitality Recruiters are There for You!
  • Hospitality Recruitment Works!

    I really want to say thank you to Aida and her team for the hard work they do for others!  I finally got my security badge so I can start to work at LaGuardia Airport! Thank you very much for you great help! -Jose Chavez   #1 Hospitality Management Recruitment Agency Hospitality Recruitment Works!