Meet Our Team

We believe, and specialize in finding the perfect fit to deliver rewarding careers and grow great brands.

With over 130 franchise business owners and over 275 recruiters, our team can tailor recruiting searches to fit your specific needs in the U.S. and Canada.

I am passionate about helping both clients and candidates be successful.  My career as a leader in Marketing and Supply Chain in multiple Fortune 500 companies fortified my abilities to work with teams large and small on achieving their goals.  Because success relies so heavily on the strength of a team, I believe in helping those teams find the perfect candidates to help them drive their business.  I strive to become part of the extended family with each of my clients in order to fully understand the qualities they are looking for in their future employees.

My Approach

As the preeminent hospitality recruiting service in North America since 1989, Patrice & Associates helps thousands of managerial candidates every year find rewarding jobs in the restaurant and hospitality industry. The company has exclusive recruiting partnerships with some of the nation’s largest restaurant chains and hotels. At Patrice & Associates our core values are Respect, Service, Excellence, and Teamwork, and they permeate everything we do. We take great care by providing the best possible service to both our candidates and our client companies.

For Our Clients:
Recruiting for the right talent can be a very complex and frustrating process and a bad hire is one of the costliest mistakes any business can make. There are no shortcuts to a productive hire that pays long-term organizational dividends. We’ll simplify your process and remove any frustration. We will take the time to understand your organization, culture and core values. We will gain clarity on your job description and thoroughly understand your specific needs. We’ll remain disciplined and focused on finding the best talent and right long-term fit for your organization. Many times, the best candidates for any given opportunity aren’t easily visible or knowingly available…but we’ll find them!

For Our Candidates:
We will be your advocate and mentor throughout the entire search, selection, and interview process. We will listen. We will ask the right questions and understand what career options are important to you and your family. We will find the best possible fit between you and the Client. We will review your resume and offer assistance as required. We will coach you through the interview process and any salary negotiations. We will ensure honesty, integrity and strict confidentiality at every point in our relationship.

Sourcing top quality candidates for great brands and building rewarding careers.

What Clients Say About Patrice & Associates

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    Recruitment Coaches Present New Possibilities!

    Benji Ellis was of utmost help!  He was able to listen to my needs and came up with suggestions and we went back and forth a few times. Ultimately, he ended up knowing a little more about what i needed than myself. We had talked over different projects and when he approached me with this new venture, I was not very interested to begin with, he insisted I should check it out, he was sure I would like it. So I gave it a try and after that it's all history.  I loved the concept and the team i would be working with.
    Benji was able to see things I couldn't.
    He kept great two way communication throughout the entire process making sure I knew every step of the way.
    He is fun, friendly and knowledgeable. After a month now in my new career, I'm having fun and loving this new experience.
    Alejandro Echevarria Gil
    Benji was able to see things I couldn't.