Is Recruiting for You?

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The Pros and Cons

Working from home is NOT for everyone – You must be very motivated, driven and disciplined to be successful working from home. There are many people who are successful in their careers because they are held accountable. Working from home allows for many personal distractions and freedoms which can be the downfall of some recruiters.

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Merit Opportunity – Tired of someone capping your salary? This industry is a 7 day a week, late night and often 24 hour business. You can work whenever you want. If you can’t sleep one night pick up the phone and call any late night or 24 hour restaurant to talk to an unhappy manager that would love a new job! The more managers you speak with – the more interviews you set up – the more hires you make – the more money you make. YOU determine your income.

Job Flexibility – If you want to go play golf in the afternoon or go to your child’s soccer game – GO, take your Blackberry – check your emails and messages – but enjoy yourself because you might be working at 8:00pm that night talking to a candidate – but you’re doing it at home sitting on your front porch! Successful recruiters work the SAME NUMBER of hours they did in operations….but they are YOUR hours.