What to Expect


The recruiter’s role – Your recruiter’s job is to fill positions with candidates that are an excellent fit. They will do everything they can to help you, but they are paid by the hiring company, so the service is completely free to you.

Making the match – If your background fits an open position, your recruiter presents your qualifications with the intention of setting up an interview. If the situation is appropriate, they may also explore other positions within the company, or at different companies, to give you as many options as possible.

Confidentiality – Anything you and the recruiter discuss about the hiring company is strictly confidential. They will also expect you not to disclose any information about where you’ve interviewed, who you’ve interviewed with, or any details from your interview. In return, your recruiter will be sure to get your permission before disclosing any information about you to prospective employers.

Accuracy and disclosure – Our recruiters will assume that everything you tell about yourself is factual, including your skills, education, work history and salary. They will not make any claims regarding your background that he/she knows aren’t true, nor will they disclose anything about you that you ask to be kept confidential, as long as your request doesn’t interfere with their ability to perform their job. If anything about your employment or job search status changes, you’ll need to let your recruiter know right away.

Coaching – As a personnel consultant, our recruiters do whatever they can to help you prepare for interviews and improve the quality of your presentation. They may also make suggestions regarding the content and appearance of your resume, but they will not make any changes before discussing them with you.

Brokering the deal – If you and the employer are interested in working together, your recruiter will work with both parties to put together an acceptable offer. Once the offer is accepted, your recruiter will give you some tips on how to make a graceful exit from your current job and a smooth transition to your new one.