Steve Schaumburg – New Franchisee Dallas

Steve Schaumberg

  • Steve was looking for an opportunity to control his income and lifestyle.  He wanted to be in a sales role where he can control his income.  He would love to build something that creates residual income which is why he became a franchisee with Patrice & Associates.

Steve has opened an office in Dallas, hired and manager and has several recruiters in his organization.  His strong relationship building skills ensures he will be a huge success!


Tony Searing – New Franchisee in Upstate New York

Tony SearingTony was an engineer and worked for General Motors for many years.  He has the reputation as a “turn around” expert.  He enjoys making a difference in peoples lives.  He is on the board of Handicapped International.  He was looking for something more flexible where he could combine a lifestyle and business.

As a franchisee with Patrice & Associates he can change people’s lives.  We impact the entire family of a restaurant manager by find them a better quality of life, or better benefits, or better career opportunity.  Our Missing Statement is 100% in line with Tony’s beliefs.

Academy 37 – Our Largest Class of Franchisees Ever!

Academy 37Academy 37 is our largest class of franchisees ever!

Patrice & Associates franchise is a low overhead, professional, no inventory business with built in clients to work from Day One. We’re looking for more top notch franchisee who want to build a business and not just buy a job.

Our outstanding reputation for quality and ethics attracts high level people to join our franchise organization helping hospitality managers find jobs.


You don’t want to waste your time or the time of the hiring authorities, if their company is not going to pay you what you’re worth. You need to understand how employers set their salary levels and then adjust your job search. If a higher salary is not within a company’s budget, they are not in a position to offer you more money. Companies normally don’t bring in a new employee who had a higher level than the person leaving the job, unless they are enhancing the level of responsibilities. It is wise to understand:

  • Average compensation being paid by similar companies in their industry
  • Average pay for someone with your experience
  • How strong your credentials and experience match the criteria of the position

Conducting this research will stop you from wasting time pursuing companies that can’t provide the compensation you require.